A panorama with the drowning of the muse clio amidst the inequities and absurdties of the present outdated late capitalism modern economy system. Master Sculptor Jan Frederik De Cock painted this new, modern version shipwreck series in watercolour, as an homage to his nearest vantage point of the mediterean sea in genova from where he lives in the turin mountains. While travelling there to study sea landscapes, antiquities as well as the work of Old Masters as Maarten van Heemskerck (1498-1574), Jan Wildens (1586-1653) or talk with the contemporary and local Master Writer Ilya Leonard Phjeiffer, the great monumental Morandi Bridge broke and fell down, a concrete natura morta wounded and murdered hunderds off passagers, men and woman, locals.

In stark contrast to the 16 -17 century Europeans that could call on the celebration of ingenuity and tradition to validate their own, the present residents have to live on hope what the surveillance capitalism system them provides, that has eyes for them, to prevent the next old bridge not to crash down on their heads. As a member of the European independent “thinking big” elite, i take part in making this world a better place trough producing culture for and with the people. An arch that brings high arts to the masses and folktales to the intellectual without the search engine of wall street.

These picture-puzzle drowing drawings are a challenge for you to locate on witch side of the overpass you value to be. Be brave and resist the short way home, or go out with the ark. Traditional white Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper, 200 g/m2, van Gogh watercolour, Lyra Rembrandt aquarell pencil, Stabilo woody pencil, classico Maimeri oil pastel, Polycrayons soft, Caran D’ache Pablo colour pencil, Lisse-Heavyweight Daler<>Rowney paper 220 g/m2. Signed on de recto. Artist frame in Finnish spruce. h.52 x w. 36 x d. 0,5 cm.

Collezione Fondazione Jan De Cock. Courtesy Studio Torino.