Memorial Forms

A development of the artist studio in space, [or a Technical Manifesto for Sculpturecommunism]


By 2013 i believed that art and life could mesh and the the former could deeply affect the latter. By converting my supremely private studio into a public art school i identified authentic creation as an effective conduit for students to become Masters. In these compositions several small-scale monuments interplay inside the free space of the sheltered workshop, inside The Brussels Art_Institute. A station where one changes from sculpture to painting to architecture and back. These rudimentary shapes and colours made a strong statement for political change and my building could evoque ideas of communality and egalitarianism. The School-Museum was a kind of showcase, a stage, on wich my works and pupils made their appearance as actors in a drama. It was certainly not an imitation of living space but a celebration of work under construction. Thus twenty-four carat education. Composition about 2016. Public good collection, by permission of Jan De Cock.